Handy's passwords keeper (HPK)

Screenshots of HPK

At this page you can see some screenshots.

Main window

Main window screenshot

As you see in picture above there are two main areas in window: 'Records Tree' and 'Record Fields'. In Records Tree you select record and then you obtain admittance to record fields, such as Login, Password, etc. To copy information to clipboard just click on the button near required field. You can use toolbar, menu, popup menu or shotcuts to add or edit records.

Bar Mode

Bar Mode screenshot

Sometimes it's necessary to hide main window when you fill some forms or logging on to some site. For your accommodation you can switch to Bar Mode. In Bar Mode main window hides and at the top of screen above all other windows appears small window. It allow to obtain admittance for any field of any record and easy copy it to clipboard.

Password generator

Password Generator screenshot

Password generator allows you generate strong password. As you see in the picture above from easy-remember phrase 'easy password' was generated strong 32-bytes password 'b866d47bcfe1bacd11730a1c82b4d4fb'.

Exports of record

If you want to save your records in some other file you can export your records to HTML or MS Excel file.
Here example of exporting records to HTML file: example.html