Handy's passwords keeper (HPK)

About HPK

Handy's passwords keeper is an simple personal password manager written in Python with the wxPython GUI toolkit. It will store passwords, serial numbers and other information safely, so you will never forget your passwords again.

Handy's passwords keeper (HPK) has easy-to-use interface: if you need to copy some information to clipboard you should just select record (i.e. "mail.com") and then click required field (i.e. "Login"). That's all: your information has been copied in clipboard!

HPK also allows you to store additional data for your records: each can contain support site and your own comments and notes.

Each user of HPK can have his/her personal password-protected account. All data you enter to HPK are encrypted using Python Cryptography Toolkit algorithms. Nobody can access your data without your permission!

Bar window will be very useful for you if you need to fill internet forms: this window has small size, stays above other windows and gives you access to all your information!

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About the author

My name is Dmitry Dubinin. I'm a student of Belarussian National Technical University.That's enough.
This program was written by me in July 2005 during my freetime.
You may send your suggestions and reports about HPK to my mailbox: handy-hpk@users.sourceforge.net

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